✰ Lil Jon, Clinton Sparks, Fatman Scoop Official Video Remix Artist

✰ Voted 2 Times Video Dj of the Year & Best Nightclub Video Dj
✰ Dj Skribble official video content provider and remix artist
✰ Crooklyn Clan Allstar
✰ Owner of VisualiCandy.com

Known for his high energy video remixes, CRUSH travels the world to work with the industry’s most viable music artists and producers including Usher, John Legend, Jennifer Hudson, Robin Thicke, Lil’ Jon, Clinton Sparks, Fatman Scoop, & DJ Skribble to name a few.
From London, Paris. Las Vegas, New York, Atlantic City, Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, Memphis, and Tampa. CRUSH brings his one-of-a-kind custom audio and video creations to life by remixing and scratching the hottest music videos, cartoons, TV commercials and movie clips for high profile nightclubs and celebrity events in cities all around the world.
With over 6 million views on YouTube and Vimeo (combined), all of CRUSH’s shows are sure to be packed with  everyone experiencing a night of memorable, high energy audio and visual insanity.